The Importance of 3rd Party Testing

The CBD industry is booming. With the proliferation of products that offer CBD, and the companies that create them, its more important now than ever before to verify the content and authenticity of the products you are consuming. At Azalla, we send each batch of products, from our CBD oils to our pre-rolled joints, to an accredited 3rd party laboratory to verify the potency and purity of our ingredients.

What is a Certificate of Analysis (CoA)?

A Certificate of Analysis is a document from an accredited laboratory that displays the chemical makeup of a product. CoAs are used to verify that what’s marketed for a product is consistent with what’s actually in the product.

What can go wrong if a product is not tested?

Without a CoA from an accredited laboratory, consumers are often relying on the company themselves to be accurate with their advertised product label. For example, for those that want to make sure they are getting as much CBD as advertised, the CoA provides an independent verification of the precise amount of CBD per gram of material. In addition, for those with jobs with strict drug-testing policies, like law enforcement agencies, the CoA provides peace of mind as to whether or not a product contains any detectable amounts of THC.

Does it matter which lab creates the CoA?

Not all CoAs are created equal. A laboratory who is responsible for testing any form of cannabis should be able to provide quality control data upon request, ensuring their results are reproducible, reliable, and defensible. In addition, a good laboratory should be certified, independent from the company making the products and be subject to external audits.

Azalla works with an experienced, ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified laboratory that is subject to heavy regulation and external oversight.

Where can I find the CoA for my product?

Azalla publishes the results for all of its CoAs at Simply type in the batch number listed on the product container into the search bar to find your specific CoA. In addition, each Azalla product contains a scannable QR code that links directly to your CoA.