Michael Yednak

Professional Billiards Player & Instructor

Azalla Ambassador Michael Yednak is a professional US Pocket Billiards player and instructor based in New York who competes and promotes cue sports around the world. He’s studied with some of the best and excels in various disciplines, with multiple 100+ ball runs in straight pool and 17 consecutive break-and-run wins in 9-ball. He holds numerous titles and participates in over 30 regional and US events annually; most notably the US Open, the World 14.1 Tournament and the American 14.1 Championship.

In training, he spends 60-80 hours weekly on drills and practice, incorporating physical elements like weight training, diet and meditation throughout. As a coach, he brings this same regimented structure to help players of all skill levels. He’s also played a leading role in advancing the use of aiming devices, breaking devices and racks, online coaching tools and specific training methods for time crunched competitors.

What I like about Azalla:

“As a competitor, I know my body and mind must be under complete control in order to excel at the highest level of competition. Whether it’s the morning AM blend I take before competition or the PM blend I take before bed, Azalla CBD oils provide me with a calming effect that allows me to perform when I need it most.”

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