Nicholas Chase

Pro Triathlete & USAT Certified Coach

Azalla Ambassador Nicholas Chase is a Professional Triathlete and USA Triathlon Certified Coach. As an athlete, Nicholas has completed dozens of 70.3 and full Ironman-distance events and often trains 30-40 hours per week in preparation for elite level competition. Most recently, Nicholas placed in the top 3 in the Pro Division at the 2019 Ironman Chattanooga. As a coach, Nicholas works with seasoned athletes on a highly individualized basis to prepare them mentally, physically, and emotionally for triathlon competitions worldwide.

What I like about Azalla:

“As an athlete that puts myself through multiple intense training sessions each week, I leave nothing to chance when it comes to supplements, nutrition and recovery. Azalla CBD oil has helped with my muscle recovery and is a part of my daily routine. The PM blend has a specially formulated blend of terpenes that aids in relaxation before bedtime, ensuring quality sleep. Additionally, as an athlete that is subject to regulatory drug testing, I know I can rely on Azalla’s THC Free line of products to keep my body free of any banned substances. Azalla has all of its products tested by an independent, accredited laboratory, which is very important to me. “

My Favorite Products: